Intraoral Scanners

If you have been to the dentist you have most likely had a dental impression, or “mold”, of your teeth before. This putty type material is placed on a tray and then inserted into the mouth to cover the teeth. Once the impression is removed from the mouth, plaster is poured into the mold and allowed to set. Once set and removed, the plaster model is now an exact replica of the shape and anatomy of your teeth! With this duplicate, dental laboratory technicians are able to make crowns, retainers, mouth guards, and almost everything else we use in dentistry.

One of the most exciting new developments in the dental field is the intra oral scanner. The scanner is a pen shaped device that is used to scan the surface of your teeth. After the teeth are scanned, the image is simply saved as a computer file and can then be 3D printed into a replica model. From there all the same materials, such as crowns and retainers, can be made to exactly fit your mouth.

We at SoCo Dental Specialty group embrace effective and safe technology, and are beyond excited to provide intra oral scanning at your upcoming dental visits. With our new scanner we plan to provide excellently fitted dental appliances while also giving you the most comfortable experience possible. Keep an eye out and ask us about our new scanners at your next dental visit!