Medicine has always been a few steps ahead of dentistry when it comes to adopting patient care initiatives. Medicine use to be just like dentistry in terms of the practice care model. One would go to a family doctor in a stand alone building and if they required the care of a specialist they would need a referral and a separate trip to a separate facility. These days, most physicians practice alongside each other. Specialist and general doctors are located in the same place and when one requires the specialist, it is readily available. Medical records are shared and everyone has instant access to what the other doctor has recommend. In this way, errors in care are reduced and care is delivered faster and more efficiently and with better quality….. well, that’s how it was supposed to work in medicine…. some may argue that big corporations have made this model inefficient.

Luckily, for the team at SoCo Dental Specialty Group, we have take the best aspects of the group care model and brought it to the residents of Rohnert Park, Cotati, Penngrove and the rest of Sonoma County. We strive to provide efficient, excellent care by a team of doctors. We are a group practice that aims to work together to make dental care affordable, accessible and manageable. Our doctors are excited to keep patient care under one roof because the patient will benefit greatly from this. Records can be shared across the specialties and with our general dental partner and our pediatric partner Sahouria Pediatric Dentistry,  Referrals are instant and patients will not have to go to a separate facility for a consultation. The specialist comes to them. As we evolve this cutting edge model of care, we won’t forget that attached to those teeth is a person. We will make sure to address all dental needs as best we can. We have confidence that this model is the future of dentistry and are very excited to be at the forefront of bringing excellent patient care to Rohnert Park and Sonoma County.